Sunday, December 27, 2015

unexpected garlic news

so i went out back to have a look at the rain gauge to see how much rain has fallen in my yard since tuesday and to dump it before it freezes...while i was pout there i happened to look down and found another of the aerial garlic bulbs i planted last september had sprouted ( from that mass of disintigrated peat pots you can see to the right og my hand in the second photo )...a closer look found two more...there's a chill coming with temperatures forecast to be below freezing from wednesday through next sunday...cold hardy garlic may be but these were not going to survive i brought them in and replanted them under the light...and this confirms that the plant that i found last week and brought in ins garlic...i go from 99% to 100% today...i also seem to be growing indoor garlic this winter.

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