Sunday, December 27, 2015


took a run out to the community garden this morning to check on things and, as usual, found some surprises...the alfalfa, and clover that was turned down by the frost last saturday ( the 19th ) was turned back skyward this morning...unseasonably warm temperatures ( a recurring theme recently ) revived the already cold hardy plants and they will be fine..warm temperatures mean more brussels sprout production...small but recognizable...the stalk in the fifth photo which has either been cut or gnawed off has even started new leaf growth from auxiliary buds...things are confused...there is a significant cool down forecast though and i wanted to be sure the garlic mulches were intact...they are an i couldn't see any garlic leaves poking through the straw...not the case in my yard where stubborn garlic continues to defy mulching ( seventh and eighth photos ) i pulled back the wire mesh, spread some more straw and compost ( using compost as a sort of it precipitates the compost will break apart and spread to help hold the spring it will facilitate the breakdown [ you can call it rotting if you like ] of the straw...since i plan to leaves at least some of the straw as a weed suppressant it can break down and help fed the garlic ) and put the wire mash back over the top..for, hopefully, the last time...either that or there will be very early garlic this season.

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