Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 basement finale

there's usually movement in the basement...sometimes it's barely perceptible and sometimes you can't help but notice...the top photo is an ollala potato i planted on the sixth of this month..the second photo is its portrait on christmas eve and the third was taken about ten minutes's moving right along...if you look carefully towards the bottom of the fourth photo you may be able to see that a spider has spun a web and taken up residence in the will make back-filling and watering a challenge...i am not averse to spiders and am inclined to live and let live...not at the expense of the plant though...we will be seeing how this plays out..the next six photos are of the garlic i brought in last sunday with the first, third and fifth photos being of the plants that day and the second, fourth, and sixth of how they looked a few minutes ago...they seem content under the light by the furnace and are greening up nicely...indoor garlic is a first for me...bringing these in was pretty much a matter of necessity since there isn't a lot of room wouldn't have necessarily been my first choice but here we are anyway...we'll see about this as well...there are elmer's blue spuds and yacon rhizomes in containers down there too but that movement is completely other words, none as far as i can see...there will be news if i do though...more as the indoor season and the outdoor quasi-winter unfold.

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