Tuesday, March 10, 2015

new season unwrapped

garlic is not a shy plant and when one plant pops up in early march more are bound to follow...when i found garlic ( and ramps ) up and running in my yard yesterday i knew it was time for a trip out to the community garden to check on the garlic parker and i planted last autumn...i pulled up a corner of the fabric cover, shifted aside some of the straw a, and found the plant in the second photo...that iced it for me and i uncovered the bed ( i stashed the straw in a garbage bag under the picnic table...when i go back this coming weekend to open the other garlic bed i will be taking some compost along and will be mulching the garlic beds with it and the straw to keep down weeds...garlic has an intense aversion to competition ) what i found was eight plants in various stages of greening up for spring that are in the other photos...it's not spring ..yet...and there will be a bit of time before anything else can go into the beds...but this is the first sign of a new season and there will be root crops to plant in just a few weeks...probably some spinach too...good to be back outside...more this weekend as the other bed emerges into the daylight.

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