Sunday, March 1, 2015

something of a variety

the craigs snowwhite in the first photo has clearly found the end of its basement season so i dug it up to see if there was anything worth seeing...what i found was more proof...if needed..of the genetic diversity of spuds...three small tubers ( remember these aren't for eating...they're for planting..size is pretty much irrelevant and each of these will produce a plant later this year ) ( second photo )...two of them are scored with lines and i would say they had been "greening" if they had ever been exposed to direct rather than indirect sunlight...the third tuber ( bottom photo ) is clearly a true craigs where did the other two get their genetics from? beats me...wish i it stand there are three more tubers in the spring planting stock to go with those that have wintered over from last autumn's like fifty seed potatoes of varying sizes on hand so far and more in containers with some time to go yet...we may have small potatoes to plant this spring but they will be decidedly local in origin. ( with the exception of the tubers coming from the usda of course )

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