Saturday, March 28, 2015

status quo...sort of

i drove over to the community garden after work this morning just to have a look...i did not expect to find much in the way of i sit here typing my backyard thermometer says it is forty degrees ( fahrenheit ) and that is about as warm as it has been since parker! and i planted the first bed last sunday...the soil temperature needs to be about forty-five degrees before most of these seeds will start to germinate...admittedly they are planted only a quarter to half an inch deep and it won't take that long for the soil to warm even if the ambient air temperature is lower than long as it is sunny...and that has been lacking...the garlic however is ignoring the cold an exhibiting good new growth so there is some progress...the last two photos are of the garden on march fourteenth and today...the changes are subtle but they are there.

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