Saturday, November 25, 2017

a sort of harvest

the bean field behind the big box stores has been harvested...probably as well as can be expected...
it's also still for sale ( as it has been for years )...but that's beside the point...
the point ( for me, anyway ) is that in a casual stroll down two rows fro about fifty feet i found quite a few fully loaded bean pods still on the talks that the harvester looks like anything below four inches off the soil surface stayed in the field and i am wondering how many bushels were left in this field...and in fields across the state and across the bi-annual monoculture corn/beans belt...thousands? hundreds of thousands? i am looking or an estimate...i am also going to be looking to see if anything is desperate enough to glean these genetically linked insecticide herbicide resistant legumes over the coming winter ( if, indeed, we have winter...that is an unresolved question at this point )...we will look into both those questions to the extent we are able.

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