Wednesday, November 8, 2017

andean tubers

when i got home this evening i noticed that last mnight's cold had done in the yacon i had growing ina container so i pulled up the tubers...i was pleased to find some sizable ones ion the mix...
further up the root system, towards the surface of the soil, i found three rhizomes growing..i removed them and took them tot he basement to plant in a large container in the plant room...we will be seeing what comes of that...past experience informs me that they are fairly simple to grow down there..adaptable tot he cool, damp, and grow lights...
both varieties of mashua meanwhile are still very green and a tangle of vines, some evincing new growth..this will be grinding to a halt directly as true autumnal temperatures begin to set in...i will have to dig those tubers soon...tomorrow perhaps..certainly by the weekend...a peppery treat for a salad i think.

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