Saturday, January 12, 2013

sterling creek field

there's still quite a bit of ungleaned corn in the suburban field out behind the big box stores...the statistics vary, but something like a third of all food produced is wasted...either by spoilage, being thrown away, or through inefficient harvesting systems...i am disinclined to call this stuff food, but the harvest season here and in the bean field by the other strip mall ( which, curiously enough, is anchored by a supermarket just like the super walmart behind this corn close to one another, but how many processing steps and how far does the feedstock travel from the field by the store before it reaches the store again? ) has highlighted the amount of crop that stays in the field once the combine had moved on...more people to feed requires 1) less biofuel and 2) better harvesting techniques...there's also a lot of green between the rows of stubble...and those plants aren't evergreens...another weird winter

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