Saturday, January 19, 2013

iwg and yams?

the forage variety of intermediate wheat grass still has a bit of green showing but it has mostly found dormancy...the plants from kansas on the other hand seem to be content to stay green this winter...sure there are a few hints of brown but the chlorophyll is still in most of the leaves...the weather is due to turn sharply colder with single digit lows at night so there may be some change by my next trip out to campus...there certainly isn't any snow top insulate the plants form the cold...there are some who are pleased by this dearth but as of the seventeenth of this month the us drought monitor still has my county in a moderate drought...some snow wouldn't hurt either the water table, the level of the lake ( michigan ), or the wheat grass...something has been burrowing under the mulch on the chinese yams...these are the only tubers left in the campus garden since i removed the jerusalem artichokes to make way for the wheat grass domesticates...mice will burrow for tubers in winter if the weather allows it and now i am wondering if there will be yams in the spring...i harvested a good deal of carbohydrates from the yam plants this past autumn and if there are mice afoot i can only hope they left enough behind for the roots to sprout next may...perhaps, perhaps not...i have hundreds of bulbs in case i need to re-establish them, but those were among the first plants that went into the garden and i would really like to see how long those plants remain viable...won't know for sure until spring.

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