Sunday, January 6, 2013

indoors 1-6-2013

the industrial bean has failed and the corn plant is headed in that great's just too cold and i left the bean in natural light and it is probably having day length issues as well...even full grow light exposure did not help the corn...that was expected as well...cold again...hopi blue maize, for instance, does not want to be planted in soil that has not reached a uniform temperature of seventy-five degrees fahrenhiet ...the expected failure still doesn't explain to me why the ungleaned industrial soybeans were germinating in the field in october when they plant in late may or early june...they don't overwinter like rye or winter wheat that germinate in the autumn so what was that all about...more research for more unanswered questions...meanwhile that four asparagus plants that have germinated are tooling along...growing well and "ferning" to feed the roots, they should transplant into the iuncg just fine in the spring...the seeds i started three weeks ago are certainly taking their sweet time in germinating ( or, perhaps, they have decided quickly not to ) but two of the first four took over three weeks so i will practice patience...nothing stunning indoors so's hoping my expectations continue to be met.

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