Saturday, January 26, 2013

season ender

eighteen degrees is appreciably cooler than the fifty-four degrees we had two weeks ago when i discovered sprouts on the plants...i think it is safe to say there will be no more production form these plants...the stems and leaves are frozen i harvested what sprouts i thought were salvageable and with that the season which started with the anomalous eighty degree ( well...perhaps anomalous...then again they could be a new norm and a heralding of the demise of transitional seasons...which would be sad in my eyes...a loss ) temperatures last march...ten months from start to finish and the garden has finally gone to sleep ( except for the wheat grass from kansas )...but it will be a short nap in the cosmic scheme of things...i will be out there in march putting in teosinte seeds so they can get a cycle of cold to break dormancy and waiting for the temperature to tell me to unmulch the asparagus...gardening is becoming an all weather sport hereabouts and i am planning to plant some species that would have been foolish to attempt a decade ago just to see if the usda shift in out hardiness zone is verifiable...can't wait.

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