Saturday, January 26, 2013

basement asparagus

the asparagus destined for the iu northwest community garden has had a population expansion with the appearance of a fifth plant under the grow light...patience as a virtue cannot be overdone when growing asparagus from seed...the new plant was seeded on the twelfth of december and has only been up and running for four days...a forty-one day gestation (?) but still just a bit over the possible seventy days germination can take with these critters...i figure i can fit ten plants around the perimeter of the bed at the community garden and use the center to grow some hopi blue maize and , if it will co-operate, some northern tepehuan teosinte just to have an ancestor/domesticate comparison...i have seeded thirty-two plants altogether just to be assured of enough plants to suit my purposes but may find myself looking for people to adopt-a-plant come april...still i am pleased at the success so far in producing food plants from soon as the weather breaks i'll be out there preparing the bed with composted manure ( asparagus is a heavy feeder and the compost i use to mulch the plants in the fall provides more than insulation ) and put in the teosinte seeds...more as it comes up.

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