Wednesday, September 16, 2015

garden run

quick trip out to he garden after work just to have a look around at what's going on...the second year asparagus has clearly found the drainage it needs and is thriving...the plant in the second photo has put up two more spears and now has a total of eight up...and the one down the bed has added two more as will so it is up to nine...pretty impressive for the second season...particularly since they started out in the bed of my truck...the cauliflower in the fourth photo may be moving on to produce actual cauliflower...that bud in the middle in the fifth photo looks like a bit more than more, gnawed or not, it may just do what cauliflower does...there is a lot of alfalfa up and true leaves yet...we need three of those to guarantee they'll winter over and take off in the spring...and for all that's going on in the garden there are some seasons that have ended...the cucumber vines will be coming out next maintenance trip and more green manure going in...and the beans are about done as a counterpoint to that, as soon as Parker! and i can match schedules there will be garlic going in...the garden never just looks like ti sometimes.

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