Saturday, September 5, 2015


it rained here today from around eight this morning until a bit after noon ( 2.87 inches by my rain guage )...the intensity varied as the waves of rain rolled in off the lake...there was even some hail...small though...not like the quarter sized hail that beat the stuffing pout of the plants in june...after the rain let up i went out back to have a look...some of the tomatoes are still green...they are well watered too...the rainfall overcame the drainage capabilities of some of the potato containers so i dumped the excess out to give them a fighting chance...the teosinte got's a maize won't mind...they like their water...while i was looking to see if there might have been any hail damage...i found...the first silk of the season and a nascent ear ( fifth photo )...where there's one more will appear soon enough..if you think there were a surfeit of zea mexicana photos before you underestimated just how geeked i can get about teosinte...forewarned is forearmed...there are some tiers of well turned support roots out there too...those will be coming in at the end of the season as some sort of art/ornamentation...upstairs, or in the plant room...and the ramp seeds are still green as could hopes for a shattering friend adrienne from out west says she's planting today...her autumn garden will have some peppers and tomatoes...rosemary and well as some vinca flowers for color...i will be importuning her for photos of progress...there may be another gardening blog soon too...i wouldn't be surprised.


  1. watered my potatoes this morning and then it rained this afternoon...hope they appreciate the effort!

  2. of course they did...spuds are very polite critters...they like their water too.