Sunday, September 13, 2015

the poke weed is having a good season

the poke weed in the berm by the suburban corn field his having a very good season this year...the berries are ripening and they look robust...the golden rod isn't doing all that badly either...flowering nicely and creating misery for some who have an allergic reaction to its reproductive for the corn beyond the berm...well we can't all be winners in the bioshpere...i remembered to bring a rule along today and i put it in there as a gauge of overall health in the field...the two ears on the closely spaced plants are roughly sixty-five and eighty percent of the sizeof their more rationally spaced neighbor...however their neighbor isn't of gargantuan proportions in its own right..a look at some ears the next row over says at least two things...autumn is close and none of the ears within sight ( and the view is admittedly restricted ) speak of a bumper crop...and a look down the rows gives an excellent reason for why that is...lots of competition out there in the doesn't seem to bother the poke weed though.

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