Sunday, September 6, 2015

a perfect disguise

i doubt you could hide a corn field in plain sight any better if you tried...the biomass in the berm is easily taller than the corn and since it has grown back into the field it is difficult to discern where the biomass ends and the corn's there though if you look closely enough at the second photo...just well hidden...i found the two closely spaced plants without a problem ( i have beaten a path to them ) and they both still have ears...i seem never to remember a photographic scale so i threw my hand in thee for a sort of comparison to them and then to the ear on their next door neighbor...there is a difference in size and i will try to take a tape measure next trip top get actual data...the poke weed is coming along really well too...i may begin to search for a dye recipe and tie-dye some cotton t shirts...why not?

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