Sunday, September 27, 2015

both sides of the ledger

a mix of news at the garden today and it leans mostly to the asset side but life is never perfect is it? all the alfalfa i looked at today had developed its third true leaf so we are pretty well set with that particular green manure's i sowed in some winter rye seed to bulk up the organic matter and store nitrogen...that's two beds ready for winter so far...on the opposite side of the news, something has been at the garlic parker! and i planted last sunday...digging it up...but, oddly, not eating it...i found several unearthed cloves i returned to the beds...back on the positives side the inderterminate early blue potatoes are still blooming...although i do believe more potato fruits are out of the time...the peppers still have life in their season...get them while you can...and at the top of the good news list...we have recognizable

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