Saturday, September 19, 2015

green manures and garlic

it's been a busy saturday morning here...there is around 180 square feet of ground on the south side of the house between th ejerusalem artichoke bed and the catalpa tree that gets a lot of today i double dug about 140 square feet i planted fall green manures ( winter vetch, crimson clover with winter rye and yellow peas ) along with the ubiquitous alfalfa...that i will turn under in the spring and plant..oh..turnips, beets...who knows...maybe some brussels sprouts and peas...the remainder i double dug, turned in compost, and took a half pound of early italian seed garlic and planted seventy three cloves...they may not all survive...but i predict there will be no shortage of garlic in the kitchen early next summer...tomorrow Parker! and i will be planting garlic in the community garden...there will be plenty there as well.

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