Monday, September 7, 2015

soft neck garlic ( with a side of teosinte )

remember these? this is some red inchelium garlic i harvested from my yard back in june is a soft necked garlic and soft neck has a peculiar defense mechanism when it overwinters through very cold last winter produces clove above ground as a mechanism to insure result, among others, is smaller in ground bulbs because of the energy the plant expends above can see once the skin is peeled back that they produced multiple small cloves...the one in the third photo produced seven, and, in all, i got nineteen...i filled peat pots with ( fittingly enough ) peat humus and planted the cloves ( i know there are only fourteen pots in the photo...i made up five more after i took that ) so, if it all works out, there will be nineteen locally produced garlic plants to plant in the community garden later this autumn...very few miles on these plants ( about 7 ) when they are transported...i have seed garlic on the way in case this is a dud of a thoughts are it will generate at least some plants...and that i will have garlic to share later if anyone wants some...while i was distributing pots around the back yard to await germination i found more teosinte silks and nascent knew i'd share that.

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