Wednesday, December 24, 2014

a bit of ollala morphology

you can see the root radiating out from the base of the ollala in the top photo...they sprout form the top of the tuber, not the bottom ( still lots to learn about spuds )...which is, for me, a bit counterintuitive ...but they are what they are...this one is about half an inch tall this morning ( second photo ) but will go vertical quickly after the roots take a good hold...the alien looking critter in the third photo is a red pontiac ans is the one on the bottom...if all goes well there will be no need to buy seed potatoes for any garden next spring...there is a local source and i do believe there are a few varieties coming from the potato introduction no sending across the country ( washington state ) for certified organic potatoes...these varieties are all organic heirlooms and there are no chemicals down there in the soil.

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