Saturday, December 27, 2014


this may not be the only cornfield around with curbs, storm sewers, street lighting, and a fire hydrant but it's the only one i have found this close to home...and the harvest has been in for a bit...even the field across the street ( that could qualify as actually rural...this is the nexus after all ) has been brought in...i went for a stroll down the rows...i found multitudes of cobs and empty husks...but very little in the way of actual corn kernels...either the combine was spectacularly efficient or the deer have been...either way the field seems picked clean for the most we sit back and see if there is a crop or field stakes out there come spring...something will be going into that field...but what? a gauge for "economic recovery"? more retail space or industrial feedstock? either way we won't see anything especially healthy...and nothing gets me going in a corn field like a well-turned set of support roots.

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