Wednesday, December 17, 2014

potato progress

the early blue passed a couple of feet in height a while back...did the same thing last winter...and have slowed the vertical growth and begun to leaf out...the craigs snowwhite in the top photo has reached about 19 1/2 inches and it too is beginning to produce more was planted on the sixteenth of last month...thirty-one days into its season and another thirty nine before it begins to set january twenty-fifth is tuber day for them with a harvest sometime in late february or early march...the early blue were planted back on october nineteenth...fifty-nine days in but with a longer season...the fruition for both should be close...the third photo is of the purple valley four days ago and the next two are from today...noticeable leaf deployment and another sprout to feed the roots...that was planted on the twentieth of november and will probably be finished in march...hopefully all in time for outdoor spring planting.

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