Tuesday, December 9, 2014

all red and purple valley

while i was rooting around in the potatoes i have set out to chit i ran across the all red in the top photo...it is well sprouted and was ready to plant...so i did (second photo )...while i was down there i noticed that the purple valley i planted a few weeks ago has begun to send up some rosettes of leaves ( third photo ) but what really impressed me was the root system i found hanging out of the bottom of the peat pot when i picked it up ( fourth photo)...clearly the spud has been busy laying the groundwork for the leaves and has decided the time has come to expend energy above the soil surface...so i soaked the bottom of the pot for about half an hour (fifth photo ) and carefully tore the bottom off to give the roots access to the soil in the pot ( you can see it in the sixth photo )...for the nonce these plants will have to share a grow light...i am in possession of more fixtures however and there will be another set up very soon to help these plants get established...so the seed potato project has five plants up and running and the distinct possibility of five more by the new year...there are at least thirty more tubers out and i am waiting for their sprouting to begin...it may be a crowded basement soon enough.

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