Saturday, December 20, 2014


on the left in the top photo are some wild potato seeds from bolivia...and on the right are some seeds from one of the potato fruits i harvested in september...the potato fruit in the photo has been in a paper since november fourth and is closing in on being ripe enough to remove the seeds...the domesticated seeds seem to be marginally larger than their wild ancestors and i am told there may be dormancy issues with them because they are fresh...they have been in the freezer for several weeks so we will be seeing...if they don't take i will go in search of gibberellic acid and do laboratory somersaults to get some going...i put the seeds in peat pots, marking the wild ones...another ancestor/domesticate morphology project with the added feature of ( hopefully ) a spring outdoor transplantation and ( even more hopefully ) tubers..and...down under the lights where the action never seems to stop...but that's the next post.

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