Friday, December 5, 2014

it's the light that does it

it might seem as though the craigs snowwhite potato in the top photo is so happy with its environment that it is going berserk in its verticality...and in a way it is..but not, i think, because it is in clover as it were...i am using a broader spectrum light this year and the teosinte ( bottom photo ) is doing much better for it...the craigs snowwhite and the early blue in the third photo ( the second is of the craigs' developing leaves ) i have other thoughts about...when i have planted potatoes in partial shade the plant shave put a lot of energy into larger plants to develop leaf area for photosynthesis...this diversion of energy has resulted in smaller a rule of thumb i have found the smaller the plant the larger ( or more in number ) the tuber...broader spectrum light or not i think the plants are growing taller in a attempt to feed the roots with more leaves...and that will probably mean smaller tubers...i did not get especially large ones last winter either which is fine..these will be seed potatoes, not eating spud, so size isn't so much a factor as viability...they will be planted in natural light in the spring and they will know what to do...i am unconcerned about the size of the tubers...i just wan them to set tubers...that story has yet to unfold...i thought the scorzonera ( fourth photo ) might have been in came out alright but then ut seemed to stall and i thought it might be done in...not so...just conserving energy to deploy a fourth leaf with...that is good news on that front..a few more leaves and some more root development and it's on to a larger container to await rhizomes.

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