Saturday, December 6, 2014

hedgerows and tree lines II

back in july i was inordinately pleased to find a field with a distinct tree line and hedgerows...went by the same field today...trees are still there ( for now ) but the hedgerows are long gone...the top two photos are of the corner of the field...hedgerow top...none in the the third photo you can just see the top of the silo over the the fourth yo can see the entire structure...sad...why do i say the trees are there for now? you can see in the bottom two photos that farmers across the are are uprooting trees and brush, probably from the edges of their fields, and piling them up for disposal...what's that mean...means they are bringing more land "under the plow" following earl butz's dictum...marginal land lends itself to all sorts of things like much of this uprooted mass was part of the fields' berms? quite a bit i'd wager...where else would it come from? fewer roots along the margins holding in the soil...the news is not good....then again th esystem fosters this sort of thing...they used to pay farmers to take land out of they want to flood th emrket and use food as an economic weapon...we live in disastrous times.

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