Saturday, December 27, 2014

potato seeds

when i looked into the paper bag that held the last potato fruit from this year's crop i noticed it had begun to shrivel ( top photo ) which announced the time had come to extract the i took it out to the kitchen and cut it open ( second photo ) to reveal the seeds...i cleaned them out and rinsed them in water...this one yielded about fifty seeds ( third photo ) which i dumped into paper toweling in a bowl to dry ( fourth photo ) the last husk is empty ( fifth photo ) and i would estimate somewhere between four hundred and five hundred seeds have been harvested ( no i have not counted them all ) coincidence the gibberellic acid i powder form, to be mixed with distilled water to the proper solution per usda guidelines, showed up in my mailbox augury, perhaps, that the time has come to break some dormancy and start some potato vines...there will be more on this soon.

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