Monday, January 12, 2015

potato landscape

the top two photos are of potato seedlings in the same pot...the top photo has the central plants in better focus and the second has a much clearer view of the plant at the back that has not yet extracted its leaves form the seed case..the third and fourth photos are of more of the fifteen seedlings now up and running in the two clay pots...that's a 62.5 % germination rate...a bit on the low side ( at least for me...i was hoping for an unrealistic 100% but expected something in the 90% range ) but there is still time for more to pop comparison the plant in the fifth photo is yet another yeme de huevos that has sprouted from a tuber...a much more robust plant and an indication of why propagation form tubers is the preferred method...given the size of the seeds ( sixth photo ) one wonders how a seedling as large as the ones there are can develop...yet the plants, at some point, must have come from seed...the tubers are, after all, the product of artificial selection..between seedlings and tuber based plants there are a total of thirty-seven plants down there right now...moving towards spring ( 68 days! )and outdoor planting..more as it develops.

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