Saturday, January 3, 2015

backyard on the cusp of winter

winter in de quincey's "sternest shape" is due to take hold here over the next few days with snow and sub-zero ( fahrenheit ) temperatures ( so much for the "this winter won't be as cold" folk predictions from some of my peers ) so i decided to take a tramp around the back yard to have a look at what was going first glance beige is what is going on...the teosinte is beige from root to shattered ( it's one sign of a "wild and weedy ancestor" ) seed ear ( first two photos ),..then there's the foxtail and the winter rye in the third photo ( both unshattered...the rye because it is a domesticate...and the foxtail has me wondering why )...even the lamb's quarters have taken on winter color...but there's green out there yet as well...there's the winter rye and winter vetch in the fifth photo and the alfalfa is standing out form the background of the ice pellets that are falling form the weekend's post may be of a field ( or yard anyway ) of white.

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