Thursday, January 22, 2015


"...the potato and andean culture have co-evolved in their mountainous homeland for at least six thousand years...some five thousand morphologically distinct varieties have been identified out of more than thirteen thousand andean accessions held at the international potato center." stephen b. brush. farmers' bounty: locating crop diversity in the contemporary world._______________ these fifteen seedlings are something of am empirical proof of that genetic diversity...different leaf shapes...different branching patterns...different heights...different coloration...and doubtlessly some differences a more trained and subtle eye could pick out...dissimilar plants and yet they were all germinated from seed from the same potato fruit from one of the early blue plants in last season's garden...i have kept the seed from each fruit separate and will document morphological differences as i germinate them...five thousand varieties and seed as genetically diverse as will be interesting to see how these differences develop as they mature...there will no doubt be more posts.

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