Thursday, January 1, 2015

potato seeds, gibberellic acid, and dormancy.

my friends at the potato introduction station assure me there are dormancy issues with fresh potato seeds...they also provided me with the methodology to break that dormancy and so i started in on it 30ml of distilled water i put three scoops of a giberrellic acid formula to create 1500ppm solution of the acid...after i mixed ( by shaking ) this concoction for an hour ( per the directions ) i took twenty-four seeds and placed them in the mix...there they will stay for twenty-four hours after which they will be thoroughly rinsed ( once again in distilled water ) and planted in clay pots in a mixture of potting soil and vermiculite to germinate...after they reach an inch in height they will be transplanted to peat pots and raised under the lights until they can be planted in the garden in spring ( this all hinges on a successful operation obviously ) the intent is to provide additional locally grown plants to the seed potato project..a back up of sorts...tomorrow we go planting.

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