Saturday, January 31, 2015


there are, at this writing, twenty six potato plants from tubers up and running in various stages of development in the plant room ( top photo )...on the whole they are prospering ( second photo ) in the basement environment...even before the wall went up on the plant room the basement was a fairly uniform 66 degrees fahrenheit and around 60% humidity ( the walls are as to keep the cat out as to control the environment in terms of temperature and humidity )...there is new growth on all the plants and the third and fourth photos are of the structures that are producing new leaves on various plants...when i had a look at the top growth of the plants, one sent me back to have a look at those new leaf structures once again...that new growth in the last two photos isn't going to produce leaves...those are flower i have a plant fixing to bloom in the artificial environment of my basement...probably nothing new...but new to me so i get to be geeked and you cannot stop me...blooms in the basement? cool...and cool and moist conditions are what led to the plants in last season's garden to produce potato fruits...i have those conditions downstairs...another generation of potato fruits? well...probably only if potatoes are self-fertilizing ( more research, no? )...however i would not turn down more seed for the freezer...the only thing to do is the research and to wait and see...this business teaches patience.

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