Thursday, January 15, 2015

potato seedling transplant

the instructions i got from the potato introduction station at sturgeon's bay wisconsin said the potato seedlings should be transplanted to peat pots when they reached an inch in height...all eight in one pot have reached that or a bit beyond ( top photo ) so the time had come...i will admit to some trepidation as this is new stuff for me and i have a reasonably deep desire to see the project i prepared peat pots ( second photo) and using my large tweezers ( third photo ) i removed the first seedling...which i promptly dropped...with as much care as my clumsy fingers allow i picked it up and planted it ( fourth and fifth photos )...the rest went more smoothly and now all eight are under the light ( sixth photo )...i will wait a bit and see how they do before transplanting any more...i have more gibberellic acid and i have plentiful seed...i also have hopes i won't have to repeat this...if all goes well there are at least eight potato plants form seed for the community garden this coming spring...more at it develops.

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