Sunday, January 11, 2015

something of a complication

there are twelve potato plants from seed up and running ( top two photos ) this balmy january morning ( at 22 degrees fahrenheit it is 24 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday...everything is relative and most things are derivative )...that represent fifty percent of what i planted on the second of the hopes for will take what one gets and run with it...this has started the day off on a positive note...along with the twelve sprouts from seed a couple of yema de huevos tubers have come to life in peat pots and will need to be transferred to a container soon enough ( third and fourth photos )...some yema de huevos tubers can be quite small...3/16" to 1/4" in diameter in some cases and they can be difficult to keep track of...clearly this is the case in the fifth photo as one has erupted alongside a northern tepehuan teosinte plant...and in what can only be considered as a complication it has rooted right next to the teosinte complicating its removal to a separate container...i will be trying, i think. although, since maize and potatoes cohabited so successfully in the community garden last season it might be interesting to see if they are allies...or, at least, tolerate one another...there is some risk involved going in either direction but a decision has to be made directly...more as it comes up.

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