Monday, May 25, 2015

backyard grasses

the intermediate wheat grass is beginning to produce seed ( first two photos ) and the spring wheat in the third ( with some alfalfa as a backdrop ) is coming along as well...though the two are not directly related in terms of ancestor/domesticate, they are genetically similar enough that the two can be interbred to create a perennial, wheat-like grain ( check out the work at the land institute ) so it will be an interesting comparison as they mature...there are fourteen ( at last count ) northern tepehuan teosinte plants out in the cages so far and they look robust ( fourth photo )...looking forward to ears of the maize ancestor growing outside my basement ( that plant has pretty much died back down there...still geeked it produced seed in the basement...a post in the works on that...finally i noticed a lonely stand of winter rye out by the compost bin...wonder who could have dropped errant seed there...

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