Saturday, May 30, 2015

end of the month census

wandering the beds this morning i did a month end ( almost ) census of plants up and running in the community garden...things are coming along and the population is something like this: asparagus 9, beans 38, broccoli 10, cabbage 10, cantaloupe 4, collards 8, cucumbers 4, garlic 18, jerusalem artichokes 28, kale 4, mashua 1, okra 16 ( these will need to be thinned soon ), onions 12, peppers 22, potatoes 21, spinach 10, tomatoes 8, turnips 16...i try not to do math in public but i believe that leaves us with a total of 239 plants...feel free to check my work...word critiques carefully...there are still several unplanted beds out there so this should, hopefully, be a beginning population and one that will be cyclically renewed...we have seed for radishes, brussels sprouts, and overwintering onions on the way for fall planting so we should be producing through october or beyond given good weather...population updates will therefore be sporadic but reasonably accurate.

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