Thursday, May 7, 2015

a bit of back yard progress...

it was in the 80s ( fahrenheit ) here today and some things are really starting to take hold...there is a cool down coming but i doubt it will be long in duration or impact...the plan for the ramps ( top photo ) is to just let them go and separate the bunches for fall planting into a second bed to provide ample wild onions for next season...there are spuds everywhere and more on the way...spud city and no mistake...the one in the second photo has added multiple leaves since the last post and will be producing by july...peas and beets ( third and fourth photos ) may not like the heat but they are still moving while the deep green of the winter vetch in the last photo speaks of lots of nitrogen fixation and symbiosis with rhizobia that will feed the winter rye and, if all goes well..produce seed for both to use as cover crops/green manures around the gardens this fall

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