Saturday, May 2, 2015

first dig

got out to the garden today to dig the green manures under...i wanted to get there before the winter rye went to seed and we had rye as weeds instead of reservoirs...this was accomplished today and there will be no need to cull rouge rye plants ( see following post for the news on the more harrowing jerusalem artichokes ) the title of the post suggests, this process is not a completed process...there is rain forecast over the next week which will help break the plants down and there will be at least one more dig on these beds...double dug is a standard but we may go beyond that to help the process along...the aim here is to eliminate the need for dressing the beds with compost before planting...if the clover and rye did their work we should be good to go on planting day...there is still more work to do on the corner beds...and my thoughts re they will be amended with compost since they were not planted with clover or rye...feed the blooms as well......rain or shine that starts next weekend.

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