Saturday, May 30, 2015

asparagus...roots and all.

more asparagus has popped up in the bed of my truck so i took the opportunity to transplant four more to the bed in the garden ( which just about finishes what we can do there )...they are lanky little guys and you can see in the last two photos that the root system is the larger part of the will remain so for the plants entire life as the roots extend deep into the ground...they like well drained soil so i am not sure of their long-term viability in a lot with lots of building debris buried in it...the next few seasons should tell us the story...if they take to their new home they will produce for decades if properly cared for...they are heavy feeders and need infusions of compost yearly...usually when i mulch them for winter the first thing down is a thick layer of compost for spring feeding...then straw and fabric...that will be the mo here come fall.

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