Monday, May 4, 2015

bees, berries, alfalfa, and "wild" corn

comparing photos of the mason bee house from saturday ( top ) and today ( second photo ) the difference tells me there are bees at large,,but i'm damned if i can find any...yet...the bees are up and so is the long awn spring wheat ( why does everyone hear "weed" when i say i have wheat up? ) in the third photo go along with the intermediate wheat grass...the fourth photo is small alfalfa that will turn into bigger alfalfa ( fifth photo ) to help out the alfalfa leafcutter bees when their season starts later this month ( i get to load those reeds with bee cocoons...look for a blog about how clumsy i am then )...want raw materials for nests if i want to produce replacement bees...the wild strawberries are almost in full bloom ( sixth photo ) and there are seven teosinte plants up and around...more seed ears if things go well...more as soon as i find a bee.

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