Sunday, May 3, 2015

wild and domesticated

the grape bud from eight days ago ( top photo ) is beginning to leaf ( second photo ) as are quite a few more down the vines...the inverted "u" shaped thing in the third photo is part of the massive vine system spread through the elm tree at the end of the patio...easier to see while there are still no leaves out yet...the tasteless wild strawberries have made it through the winter ( fourth photo ) and have started putting out stolons ( fifth photo ) that will become daughter plants...there will be more this year...the bottom two photos are some evidence that the berries are about to bloom...buds everywhere...i was thinkigof trying to find some fragaria chiloensis if i could to try to cross them with these fragaria viginiana to repeat the accidental breeding of the modern strawberry which is a frenchified hybrid...may take some work but these just arrived...courtesy of a bird perhaps...the effort to cross them and create a domesticated plant might qualify as experimental would be cool to try anyway...

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