Wednesday, September 30, 2015

still life

a stop by the community garden after work to see what was what and i found things moving along on the last day of september...some of the garlic parker! helped plant a week-and-a-half ago is up and running while the jalapeno peppers are chugging along...i found some very late roma tomatoes coming along and wonder if there is time and warmth enough to ripen...paper bags on window sills may be in their future...alfalfa and winter rye are both rampant in some of the beds...others with plants that are producing have yet to be cleared and planted...they will be...the young cauliflower is looking robust nestled in its leaves...banana peppers too are flowering and producing this autumn...and the enduring early blue potatoes are having yet another bash at producing you look down the garden there is still life out there...the garden never just slows down a bit...we are still about a month away from mulching...the relative quiet starts then...until the basement season starts...should be some surprises there this year.

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