Monday, September 1, 2014

the nexus, erosion, and you

i live in a suburban/rural nexus and there are no clear cut can go from a bean field ( top photo ) to a manicured lawn in less than a hundred yards...and then back to dense yellow #2 in another hundred...wherever you're at in the nexus there has been quite a bit of rain over the summer...27.81 inches in my back yard since june first...that represent 71.05% of our annual average precipitation so the summer has been overloaded with sometimes torrential rain...i had time to utilize today so i went out into the nexus to see what sort of impact the rain has had on the crops...they are lush and verdant...and they have been scarred by erosion and pooled water that has cut the soil and drown plants...things are always in flux no matter how much we may tell ourselves otherwise and adapt or die is an evolutionary imperative...we have serious issues out in the agricultural landscape and the food world at large...politicians have no will to address these issues...neither does capital unless they can turn a profit...things will not improve while those segments of the population have their heads in the sand or demand a return...plant a garden, learn all you can about native food plants, experiment with food culture no matter how difficult that may be for you...we are on our own here.

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