Sunday, September 14, 2014

grapes ( sort of )

there are grapes in the elm tree ( top photo )...and a lot of die back along the vines as well ( second photo )...something ugly is up out there as grapes have been plummeting off the vines and onto the ground while any number remain green and unsoftened...what it is i cannot begin to say but it has hastened what has turned out to be a disappointing grape harvest...around a tenth of last year's abundant it the harsh winter? the on again/off again wet summer? early coolness in the late summer ( it isn't autumn for another nine days folks )...some disease? i can't find any sign of damage from japanese beetles...they wouldn't leave that much leaf to die back and the green ones are not completely eaten between the veins...this is not a happy moment..but it is a fairly normal one in gardening ( look at the maize/squirrel issues in the community season is without its setbacks and outright failures...i am resigned to it...i don't have to be happy about it ) and we will doubtlessly carry on...if there's another bitter winter ( maybe yes, maybe no...depends on who you listen to and believe...we will be finding out soon ) it may be the end of the grape tree...that would be sadder still.

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