Saturday, March 2, 2013

a half-hearted sort of winter

unlike last march winter is hanging on this year...albeit in a desultory fashion...this series of photos is of the winter wheat field next to the to bottom they were taken on february 21...february 22...february 23...february 25...and march 2...while significant snowfall has occurred in places nearby, snowfall here has been somewhat feeble which is not particularly good news for local water tables...the snow-melt season will be fairly paltry in recharge rates if something doesn't change quickly...the data on the palmer drought indices webpage released on the last day of february still has my locality in a long-term abnormally dry regime...last summers drought is by no means broken yet and may not be...a second year of dry conditions will probably start to impact the trees in my (and everybody's ) back yard not to mention my gardens and the industrial monocultures that crop up all around here...another season of heavy irrigation with the garden hose and gallon jugs won't make either me or the plants happy...i don't want a repeat of last autumn's jerusalem artichoke harvest.

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