Saturday, March 23, 2013

a little snow in the forecast...

...but there's still movement out there despite some lows well below freezing the the last week.. but .the garden looks pretty dead right now but the die-back from the last season's wheat grass has provided a protected niche that is harboring a number of new shoots, including a grass that looks an awfully lot like teosinte...beyond that the forage variety of wheat grass is itself greening for the new year as is the eastern is entirely to cold to unmulch anything and there are ( allegedly ) three to six inches of wet snow due here tomorrow...the recent spate of precipitation has lifted lake county out of a drought condition into neutral territory moisture surplus yet...the drought map for the area is white, not green, so there is always a possibility of a return to a i recall last spring was fine as far a precipitation went...summer is what dried us would be nice to return to some semblance of normalcy for a season but i don't think "normal" is going to continue as the already moved up a notch in hardiness zone terms and i'm afraid that trend toward a climate shift will continue...what will that do to the jerusalem artichokes? we're going to try to find out over the long haul...with their help and that of the ginseng, ramps, and lamb's quarters...we'll see how the natives get on.

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