Saturday, March 16, 2013

grasses are greener today

i went by campus to plant teosinte seeds and have a look around the garden and i found movement...the eastern gamagrass continues to "green" and the interiors of the plants are all showing signs of chlorophyll returning to the will be some time before it becomes obvious from looking at the outside of the plant but the middle, protected from the weather, has started the new season ( top three photos )...the forage variety if intermediate wheat grass ( fourth photo ) has begun to green as well...the grass is fairly well smashed down because ( i believe ) some critters have been sheltering there over the winter...the grass will recover and the leaves that have died back will both provide a mulch and rot back as nutrients for the new season of growth...the wheat grass domesticates from the land institute have never gone dormant and at least one has new growth in the form of tillers...i have hopes for a good season from them and plan to let them colonize a fair part of the center of the garden...still entirely too early to unmulch anything and my concerns over whatever it was that burrowed into the chinese yam bed still stand...those come out of dormancy rather late in spring so it will be something of a waiting game to see if there will be any...fortunately i have an ample amount of aerial bulbs form last season if there has been some poaching going on...the new perennial season is underway...more will be cropping up in the next few weeks...then it's the annuals' turn.

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