Sunday, March 17, 2013

early start?

i went to campus to help set up the anthropology club book sale ( all books a buck's on all next week ) and, as usual, i was i went over to the pgp to poke around in the forage variety wheat grass to see if i could find any new growth...i did ( first and third photos )...a bit farther down the bed i pulled back the die-back from last season and i found something that wasn't wheat grass...look at the purplish stem on the sprout in the middle photo...looks a lot like tesointe to me...and in an area i seeded last autumn as i was's warm there in the garden... next to the black landscaping fabric covering the asparagus mulch and insulated by the wheat grass die-back...i recovered the sprout with the dead wheat grass since the temperature is still getting below freezing at's early and the sprout may not make it but i will be keeping a reasonably close watch on it...more trips to campus after's getting busy early.

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