Saturday, March 9, 2013

march grasses

i went out to campus this morning to see how things were and get something of a handle on what to do there later in the month and, as usual, there were normalcies and surprises...the forage wheat grass is still completely dormant and the wheat grass from the land institute is still mostly green...nothing new is what has been going on all winter...the ground has thawed enough that i could remove the remains of the brussels sprouts which i brought home for the compost pile...they were clearly done and they needed to come out...the asparagus, teosinte, and yams ( if indeed there are any,,,still don't know what burrowed in there last autumn ) are still mulched and will be for some time to come barring a repeat of last march...but when i got to the gamagrass i had to look twice...are those leaves "greening" already or did the grass never go completely dormant? that stand is four years old now and you can bet the root system is massive and and the winter has not been one i would call i will be watching ( and writing about ) this over then next few weeks...late march early april was when this behavior started in the past so it's a might ( or would that be mite? ) early...then again we are hardiness zone six now so as ecosystems drift northward and upward in altitude it could be the new normal.

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